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Kranjska Gora, SI
2007 - 2011
Gradis Group

The project is located in the Slovenian alpine town Kranjska Gora on the north western corner of the country. The brief required a public ground floor and small apartments on the upper floor that could be converted into bigger units. Concept design-initial urban cube-cutout the cube in vertical and horizontal planes The concept design was initially dictated by strict local building regulations, height and footprint plot limit which partially led to the building form. The first step was pasting maximum volume on the site -a cube on the allowed urban footprint. The final form derived from cutting the cube in the vertical and horizontal planes. Horizontal cut - pitched roof with flat top to hide service ventilation pipes and chimneys.Vertical cut - angled corners with inserted wooden balconies allowing the building a softer, less substantial volume appearance. Program organization The pharmacy is located on the ground floor with larger glazed elements and a recessed entrance creating a more open and inviting level for the public space. First and second floors contain 6 studio apartments of different sizes, each with own balcony and large glazed opening affording views towards the surrounding mountains. The basement level is a communal space with a shared area, sauna and leisure room. The materials used have also been chosen as a response to the local historical tradition, using materials to emulate those of the existing building environment. Cement tile cladding as the principal material which visually gives the impression of a tiled roof, however provides continuous skin which is used on both the roof and walls to emphasize the form of building further. Larch is used for the balconies on the corners of the building in order to indicate the location the buildings form has been cut to reveal external spaces for the apartments. Natural stone from the region is used as a material for the ground floor to indicate the entrance and difference between private and public areas. Both these materials have been chosen due to their use historically in local traditional architecture.

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Main data: Location: Kranjska Gora Type: Housing apartments Site Area: 462 m2 Bldg. Area: 177 m2 Gross Floor Area: 457 m2 Coverage Ratio: 0,38 Gross Floor Ratio: 0,98 Structure: reinforced concrete and steel Max. Height: 11.7 m Landscape Area: 180 m2 Inner space: 439 m2 OFIS arhitekti@2011 design team: Rok Oman Spela Videcnik Andrej Gregoric Janja Del Linz Anna Breda Janez Martincic Katja Aljaz photos@ Tomaz Gregoric & Jan Celeda Tags: -3 same buildings in area, only one realized -In the alpine area -Form – restricted by local building regulations -Urban rules described height, the shape of the roof and size of the building -Pitched roof with flat top to hide service ventilation pipes and chimneys -Plan from restrictions, start from initial urban cube, form cut from cube, in vertical and horizontal planes -Public ground floor -Upper floors holiday apartments- studio sizes with balcony - Materials … both take elements from local architecture -Larch wood -Cement tile cladding, texture of traditional slate roof tiles