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area 5x10 m cost - type - status -
Paracelsus & Frankestein

Theatre performance, 1999

The performance narrates of four women living in an office, engrossed in desires and memories,
in the enchanting expanse of repeating occupations and imaginary obligations. They leave the hermetic universe of the office only to go shopping in town, thus filling their daily liveswith more and more new commodities. When they fail to remember their own dreams, they devise stories and narrate them to each other. Each new story seems to be entirely their own ( Ophelia, Margarete, Madame Bovary, Isolda, Pamela, Paracelsus thoughts, Frankenstein, Faust, Three sisters - but soon they find themselves uncertain which one of them contains their memories. They invent a new body into which they can travel, by means they can move enywhere; in reality, however, they remain captured in the space which they have inhabited forever. A huge photocopier makes copies of their impressions of dailiness,
and it also records their lost nature.