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Project 3 is a trilogy of diverse,yet connected parts, providing creative spaces for three duos – each consisting of an architect and a dramaturg.

As a meeting-point of two entirelydifferent languages and approaches,and without a director to mediate between them, Project 3 offers direct confrontations of spaces and stories, enabling them to co-operate,intertwine and inhabit each other.

This kind of communication exploresand challenges the role of theperformer in his attempt to inhabit stage space.

The co-operation of the two languages expands the narrative horizon of the event in a number of different ways - by means of being, inhabiting, filling,happening, residing.

The trilogy Project 3 presents the intimacy of co-existence from three different perspectives ...

  author/video/music/: rok oman
co-author/dramaturgy: bojana kunst
sound design: brane zorman
light design: igor berginc

actor: petra govc

production : museum