location ljubljana, slovenia date 2003 program resience client -
area 30 m2 cost 10,000 eur type - status built
The apartment is a small 30-m2 cell in which the task was to organise a living space for a single male person.
The most important task was to create a living room as large as possible with additional service spacesentrance, kitchenette, workspace, bathroom, bedroom, audio & video spaceall in 30 m2. The size of the services is reduced to the minimum. They are displaced around the main room and form a sort of enclosed cupboard. Sliding doors are made of semi-transparent Perspex (polymethil metacrilate) with a blurry print.. During the daytime the envelope appears as a totally opaque, solid wall. At night the envelope becomes a bright light box, creating a nocturnal city lights atmosphere.

  Mini loft, Ljubljana

Design team:
Rok Oman
Spela Videcnik
Location Ljubljana, Slovenia

Surface area 30 m2
Budget 7,500 € (renovation); 7,500 € (furniture)

Photograps Tomaz Gregoric