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Territories of Urbanism: Urban Design at 50


Harvard University GSD_Boston, US_12/11/2010 ...

We would like to invite you to the 50th anniversary of the Urban Design program at the Graduate School of Design, established by Jose Lluis Sert. The alumni and faculty of this program have contributed much to the design and development of our cities around the world. This event is organized as a series of moderated discussions, lead by some the world's foremost thinkers and practitioners in Urban Design, around the themes of Reflections, Challenges, Experiments, and Positions. We will not only reconsider the contributions of the Urban Design Program at Harvard, but will address many of the challenges and opportunities that face this important field. This is both a celebration and an occasion to engage the School as it articulates the next phase in the evolution of the Urban Design program. 


Moderated by Eric Mumford, AB '80 
Adele Santos, MAUD '63 
Richard Marshall 
Monica Ponce de Leon 
Roger Trancik 
Jay Chatterjee, MAUD '65 
Alex Krieger, MCUP '77 

Moderated by Alex Krieger, MCUP '77 
Susan Fainstein, AB '60 
Rodolfo Machado, AM '93 
Marion Weiss 
Charles Waldheim 
Michaele Pride 

Moderated by Richard Sommer, MArch '88 
Bjarke Ingels 
Felipe Correa, MAUD '03 
Alexander D'Hooghe 
Cino Zucchi 
Joan Busquets, AM '02 
Spela Videcnik (TBC) 
Roger Sherman 

Moderated by Sanford Kwinter (TBC) 
Andres Duany 
Michael Sorkin, GSD '72, GSA '76 
Jose Luis Vallejo 
Hashim Sarkis, MArch '89, PhD '95 
Pierre Belanger, MLA '00 
Georgeen Theodore 

For a full schedule, visit the Alumni Weekend / Territories of Urbanism program. 

AIA Continuing Education Units: 
We are registering this program with the AIA - the symposium panels will be worth 6 units and the tour in the morning (for alumni) will be worth 2 units. 

- Current students (from any school) can attend the panel presentations/discussions for FREE
- Young Alumni: We are pleased to offer a discount for the classes of 2005 - 2010: $50 per person 
- Alumni and Professionals: 
Sign up by October 31 for Early Registration: $135 per person 
General Registration (November 8 deadline) $165 per person 
For more information visit: Registration form
or: Symposium Program
For event details contact: Megan Homan (mhoman@gsd.harvard.edu)

11/12/2010 - 11/13/2010 · Lobby/Rm 110 (Pit)/Rm 112 (Stubbins)/Portico 121/Portico 122/Portico 123/Piper Auditorium