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Lecture on Cuore Mostra in Bologna, Italy ...


on Low/cost & Low Energz Sustinable Housing ...

The Cuore Mostra focuses on the most topical issues of the contemporary architectural debate and in 2008 featured an event on the theme of energy efficiency of buildings with addresses by key figures from the world of architecture and international urban planning.
Speakers at the International Conference will include some of Europe's leading names in the quality social housing sector: Bill Dunster (Zed Factory - London), 
Spela Videcnik (Ofis Arhitekti - Lubiana), Francine Houben (Mecanoo Architecten - Delft), Emmanuel Combarel (Ecdm - Paris), Cino Zucchi (Zucchi Architetti - Milan), and Simone Solinas (Solinas Verd Arquitectos - Seville)
. The meeting aims to provide a full overview of the European experience in low-cost, energy-efficient housing today.
On the Exhibition side, SAIE together with the European portal ArchiEurope and Edilio, have launched an international competition entitled "Low-cost & Low Energy Sustainable Housing"reserved for young architects (under 45) and students. Shortlisted projects will be showcased at the Cuore Mostra Exhibition at SAIE 2009.

Following up on the 2008 edition, SAIE 2009's Cuore Mostra will continue its investigation into sustainability and energy saving building. This year the focus will be on low-cost, energy-efficient housing and high-quality yet sustainable building practices for social housing in Europe against a backdrop of world crisis.
New housing demands in the wake of recent social and economic change reveal an urgent need for residential programmes that are conceptually, technologically and economically able to meet a wide range of housing requirements.
Varying-scale housing schemes, new homes and the existing housing stock, new materials and technologies, and innovative financial solutions are just some of the topics for discussion at the International Conference. These themes will be echoed by the Exhibition and Publication, which together with the Conference, make up the three sections of the Cuore Mostra format.

The Publication - itself divided into three sections - will examine the current housing situation in Italy and Europe, looking at the most innovative technologies available and presenting a series of significant new projects.

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