location krasnja, slovenia date 2005-2009 program religious/sacral client community of krasnja
area 350 m2 cost 180 , 000 EUR type private commission status built
Farawell chapel

The farewell chapel is located in a village close to Ljubljana.The site is positioned next to an existing graveyard.The chapel cuts into the rising landscape and the building shape follows the natural contours of the land around the graveyard.

The program comes together with the three embracing curved
walls which divide the space.The external curve divides the chapel plateau from the surrounding hill and also reinstates the main supporting wall.Service spaces, such as storage, wardrobe, restrooms and kitchenette are all placed along the back wall.

The internal curve encompasses the main farewell space.It is partly glazed and opens towards the outside plateau for summer gatherings. The roof follows its own curvature, forming an external porch. The cross, a catholic symbol is featured as a laying feature positioned on the rooftop above the main farewell space, where it acts as a source of natural light during the day and artificial light during the evening.

Materials used are polished concrete, larch wood, glass.

  Project team:
Rok Oman,
Spela Videcnik
Project team:
Andrej Gregoric,
Janez Martincic,
Magdalena Lacka,
Katja Aljaz,
Martina Lipicer

Tomaz Gregoric

Main data:
Location: Krasnja, Slovenia
Type: sacral
Client: Community of Krasnja
Site Area: 350m2
Bldg. Area: 210m2
Gross Floor Area: 105m2
Coverage Ratio: 60%
Gross Floor Ratio: 50%
Structure: reinforced concrete
Max. Height: 4.70 m
Landscape Area: 140m2
Inner space: 70m2
External plateau: 65 m2
Budget: 180.000 EUR

Exterior Finish: polished concrete, larch wood, glass.
Completion period: June 2009