location venezia, italy date 2008 program office / commercial client -
area 40, 800 m2 cost - type competition / 1.prize status ongoing
position on the site:

The complex is a hybrid of intervolving programs which form 3 main external spaces:
Entry plaza facing Via delle Macchine
Plaza is opening towards the new mooring stage for sailing boats. It is formed by squares of different floor tiling accompanied by trees,
water feature and benches. It forms entry to the main units of managerial use and commercial areas.
Internal garden plaza between the volumes of the building
The garden is protected by the traffic and views and forms quiet green semi-private area.
It is formed by squares with different tiling and dense green with trees.
It provides nice view for the offices and commercial garden and quiet summer garden for the restaurant that is situated in the ground floor.
Void vertical plaza is empty space between the arch, that is formed by the main units of managerial use and commercial areas.
It provides view through the building and creates a building that is airy, transparent and has its own strong identity.
With pool that is situated in the bridge the view to the arch is special,
will be memorized and will create a remembable character of the building and the company.
Terraces and areas of greenery are formed on the various levels of the building. The green roof of commercial programs makes external space for the offices,
pool and gym. The roof of the offices under the arch will also be partly green.
Traffic access for the garage is from the back of the building from Via dell Elettricita. Here also external car parking is situated.
The rest of the space around the building is pedestrian only. It is accessible only for use of emergency and delivery.

distribution of program:

The program is distributed according to the brief.
The main units for managerial use are in the arch and the lamels and the bridge in front of the arch. Offices are distributed in the both towers and
the lower bridge. In the upper bridge pool with gym is located.
The entry for public is from the entry plaza to the glass connection where central porters lodge is located.
Also two separate entrances directly to both towers are possible for selected visitors and management.
The both units are independent with its own access and vertical connections. They offer possibility of connections on different levels:
the top of the arch through the bridge of the pool, the lower bridge through café and lower pool and on the ground floor through the shared space
with receptor.
The volumes are flexible and program can be shifted on different ways offering users to change capacity, areas and programmes.
Commercial program is located in the ground floor along via dell Macchine and is opened to the street and to the back internal garden.
It has double height.
Restaurant is also located in the ground floor and is opened to the entry plaza from one side and the internal garden from the other side.
9 various units of sizes from 317m2 to 350m2 are located on levels 1, 2 and 3 along via dell Eletricita and are opened to the garden and to the street.
They have their own entrances and vertical connections. They are connected with the Sport facilities for condominium use.
Flats are of 2 sizes and are located in the lower bridge. These are four studio flats of 46m2 and two room flat of 70 m2.
They are connected with gym and pool. They have their own entrance from the garden.
Sport facilities for condominium use are in the lower bridge and are accessible from all the programmes.
Sport facilities for Unit 1 and 2 are on top of the arche and are accessible from both units. They are also connected with dinning and meeting rooms.
Garage has two levels with 604 parking spaces. External parking is on the north of the site.

façade, structure and instalations:

Structure is combination of reinforced concrete and steel structure.
Reinforced concrete is slabs and columns that make main vertical support and are connecting underground with all upper floors.
Both bridges are combination of steel frame that is supported by the building volumes on both sides.
Installations will be defined by the condition of the client.
Spaces have double floor and suspended ceiling which offers flexibility of floor organisation and program distribution.
Heating and cooling is with convectors along the façade and partly through the ceiling.
Façade is glass; it is curtain wall façade with double isolative glass that has sun protection.
It is combination of transparent and partly reflex glass or coloured glass.
Shading is internal textile.

  Invited competition / 2007 / first prize ex.aequo 2007

Design team:
rok oman,
spela videcnik
andrej gregoric
katja aljaz
javi carrera