location moscow, russia date 2007 program mixed/sport/residential client -
area 68,000 m2 cost - type commission status ongoing
The initial task was to design 82.000 m2 for mixed use program ( office, hotel, residential and commercial ) + 20.000 m2
for sport complex (opened football field, covered gym with services) on 68.000 m2 area with the height regulation limit at 80m above ground.
The urban design was created of 1 twin business tower ( 30.800 m2 ) 2 apartment towers ( 12.850 & 14.250 m2),
1 hotel tower (16.450) and 2floor base on the ground floor with commercial program (7.450m2) + sport complex with football field on the roof-top.

  business commercial complex
commission / 2007 / ongoing

Design team:
rok oman,
špela videčnik
andrej gregorič
katja aljaž
robert janez