location graz, austria date 2001 program residential/mixed client city of graz
area 12,800 m2 cost - type europan 6 / 1.prize status -
EUROPAN's objective is to assist the young architects of Europe in developing their ideas and disseminating them on strategic sites proposed
by municipalities or developers. The general topic of EUROPAN 6 was finding new ways of introducing landscape into housing.
The site was an empty corn field in the periphery of Graz.
The brief was to develop work+live units for families which would only be occupied during working days.
Our proposal is not a master plan but more a mode of urban organisation that would go through the phases of its development and offer new social and
spatial dynamics. The units are based on the typology and size of a typical Austrian house plot, combining a two floor house, garden and garage.
The units are organised as levelled houses running in closed circles, together they form what could be described as a set of small villages/enclaves.
The units are connected with a green surface, which functions as a garden-terrace, path and roof.
The terrace of one house unit becomes the roof of the house on the next level.
As the green spiral rises it becomes more private – forming gardens, patios and roof terraces around the houses.
Each circular "village" in the central area contains a shared courtyard with parking facilities.
Living spaces are on the lower floor, bedrooms above. Working spaces are added bellow these units and
then they are further combined into clusters of two, four or six. On the ground-floor each cluster contains a common area such as shops,
presentation space, library, coffee-shop or similar. The clusters are organised in spiralled green mounts which cover the program boxes.
The project had great success with the jury however, the developer did not accept it.
After a few meetings we gave up but kept the idea and developed it for the project Villa in Bled, a few months later.
  Europan 6
The site: Graz, Austria
august 2000

OFIS architects :

design team:
Rok Oman
Spela Videcnik
Josip Konstantinovic
Spela Rogel
Spela Kokalj
structural engineering: Elea ic, Marko Pavlinjek
graphics: Domen Fras