location ljubljana, slovenia date 2001 program public/mixed client city of ljubljana
area 164,076 m2 cost - type competition / 2.prize status -
The area is positioned on the crossing of one of the main roads connecting to the city centre and a highway ring.
The city planning therefore proposes a new city sub centre on this area forming one of the dominant gateways.
The project is a grid of buildings positioned on the raised platforms. Garages are positioned in the underground.
Groundfloor forms a wide area of public programms, that are perforated with courtyards and opened atriums.
At the base of skyscrapers entry lobbys are positioned.
Skyscrapers of triangle shapes are raising from the platform. At the crossroads the buildings are high and narrow - they form an image of Urban Gateway.
Towards the inside the buildings get lower and thicker.
Even if the plan works as one large complex each building is unit for itself.
Layout in the form of grid allows plot formations - therefore various owners and developers can take part in constructing this mega-structure.
  Viator Complex . burberry city . master plan
Urban Competition . 2nd prize . ljubljana

OFIS designe team:

Rok Oman
Spela Videcnik
Rok Gerbec
Josip Konstantinovic