location ljubljana, slovenia date 2001 program urban client city of ljubljana
area 56,680 m2 cost - type study status -
From the analisys of the present situation in the city centre we calculated that 22.27% or 56.484m2 are grey zones.
The grey zones are the inside atriums of the city blocks. Because they are more or less closed space they became a sort of junk space of the inhabitants.
The project proposes a long term solution which will result in 5-10 years a qualitative space open for public and residential program.
The possible programs like atrium, row and garden houses, city garden, parks, city blocks, open-closed theaters, a flee market, mini shoping malls,
pablic parking spaces.....
The first intervention would be to reinstate public walk-way through the city blocks which would be the starting point in the next steps and
future progress...
  design team:
Rok Oman
Špela Videčnik
Josip Konstantinovič
Špela Rogel