location trata, slovenia date 2007 - 2010 program offices/shop/storehouse client private
area 1080 m2 cost - type commission status built

It is unusual to be presented with a brief for an industrial store container, especially in the case of a low budget. In this case, the client bought a site in an industrial zone located on the Skofja Loka periphery. He also had a financial pre-agreement with an executive construction company which meant that the contract included the use of this company's prefabricated concrete system with readymade openings on each elevation. These restrictions set by the client were a sort of challenge, as were the mixture of programs that had to be inserted within the one space. The building dimensions are 35 x 22.5m and 11.5m in height.
The project task was to merge a program inside the given volume and redefine the existing elevations. The existing sections had to remain the same.
The client's company produces and merchandise safety equipment and devices which had to be stored in 2/3 of the volume given.
The program was defined and inserted into 4 divisions following functional demands:
Offices – storage loading – central storage – storage with attached loading.
The projects scheme incorporated storage for goods of varying sizes with loading areas, store, offices and classroom for safety lectures.
The cuts in the elevation break up the functional façade grid and reinstate flowing concrete elements in between translucent screens; Offices have a transparent double-glazed façade, storage spaces with semi-translucent polycarbonate elements and two openings on the back as loading dock doors.
The roof is a ready made functional pitched system that is incorporated into the façade boards in such a way that it gives the exterior the appearance of a rectangular block. The result is a playful façade that shines through and provides a navigation system for the zoning of the building. The intriguing chequerboard goes way beyond the usual industrial park (non) aesthetic...
The materials of the exterior are prefabricated concrete, glass, metal and polycarbonate plates. The interior is functional, flexible and simple. Storage spaces have industrial durable reinforced floors and a concrete wall finishing,
whilst the offices and shop have a combination of concrete and wood.

  Main data:
Type: storage
Client: private
Site Area: 2500m2
Bldg. Area: 780m2
Gross Floor Area: 1.080m2
Store: 75m2
Offices: 150m2
Lecture: 150m2
Storage: 705m2
Coverage Ratio: 32%
Gross Floor Ratio: 23%
Structure: reinforced concrete - prefabricated
Height: 11.70 m

Exterior Finish: prefabricated concrete, glass, metal and polycarbonate
Project start: 2007
Construction start 2008
Completed 2010

Navigation: Trata, Skofja Loka, Slovenia

project leaders:
Rok Oman,
Spela Videcnik
Project team:
Andrej Gregoric,
Katja Aljaz,
Janez Martincic,
Magdalena Lacka

Photo @ Tomaz Gregoric