location ljubljana, slovenia date 2010 - 2012 program shopping/mixed/residential client -
area 8,696 m2 cost - type commission status ongoing
The complex is located in the heart of Ljubljana, between the park and main pedestrian commercial street. The program is a mixture of boutique shops, cafes and residences. The street and the park are on different levels therefore, the building will have a public passage which perforates the building extending to both. The lower four floors will be shops connected with a mall. The top three floors are reserved for apartments; part of which will be located in the existing historical atrium. The building is formed in terraces between the low-rise historical line in the park towards the recent extension of the Post office on the border of the plot. The terraces will offer beautiful views towards the old city and the castle. The lower and largest terrace plateau will form an open air cafe; higher terraces are designed as apartments. The terraces are created by curving back each level in an organic fashion to create patios and decks for shoppers, the cafe and residential patios located on the top floors. The organic mesh wraps the edges of each level, softening its appearance and adding greenery to the building.
It becomes a flowing mixed-use building wrapped in an intricate metal mesh. The metal mesh is impregnated with organic material which springs to life in the warm seasons, covering the sides of the building with flowers and greenery. Just like fashion the building changes through the seasons: the fall winter appearance is silver and from time to time covered in snow. Whilst in the spring/summer the appearance is green and with flowers on occasion.
  Main data:
Location: Ljubljana
Type: commercial and residences
Client: LE nepremicnine
5.474 m2 commercial program
3.222 m2 apartments
Structure: metal, reinforced concrete
Max. Height: 7 floors (1 underground), 24.0 m above ground

Budget: 20 mio EUR
Exterior Finish: metal, stone, glass, green

project team:
Rok Oman,
Spela Videcnik,
Janja del Linz,
Janez Martincic,
Katja Aljaz,
Andrej Gregoric
Verena Smahel