location ljubljana, slovenia date 2008 - 2012 program residential client -
area 26,000 m2 cost   type invited competition / 1.prize status  
This project is located in the most attractive area of Ljubljana, near the city center and surrounded by natural areas and plants. The main goal was to develop 100 quality housing units for people who wish to reside in a natural environment with their own garden. The project concept is based on the principle of garden cities reflected in the villas terraces. The buildings are growing in 3 «islands» of homes connected together so as to open up to the surrounding natural areas, gardens and patios. The «islands» total over 3 floors of accommodation plus one floor of penthouse villas. The islands are hexagonal in shape and each housing unit is arranged in 4 floors with inserted apartment volumes between slabs. The buildings are made of a superposition of individual houses with all different types of gardens and outdoor spaces. The orientation of the homes is well into double or triple spaces qualities. Since the apartments have external entrances and are oriented on three or four sides they actually work just like a family house with attached garden, but lifted on different levels. The arrangements are such that the apartments actually have nicer views and more intimacy than if they were to be arranged in a regular villa set up, where each house would be looking onto the next. Large openings maximize the light in the homes and give clear views to the outside. Systems are in place to control the sunlight and extensive greenery will be pre-planted on the terrace edges. The interior of the apartments are generous in size, each one contains large bedrooms and living areas Facades and materials are chosen to harmonize with the environment and integrate seamlessly to the site. Materials are wood glass and concrete. Plans are currently being prepared for construction.



Location : Ljubljana, Slovenia
invited competition : first prize
construction start : autumn 2010

Area : 18.000 m² + 8.000 m² underground parking

project team :
Rok Oman
Spela Videcnik
Andrej Gregoric
Janez Martinčič
Janja Del Linz
Katja Aljaz
Anna Breda
Cristian Gheorghe
Kasia Bernatek
Magdalena Lacka

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